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All These Positive Changes Are Wearing Me Out! The Short Term Effects Of Eustress

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

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Have there been any major hurdles you've began to overcome? Have you had any victories big or small? Have you felt the stress of all your positive changes in the new year 2022 affecting your body? Did you know that even positive stress or eustress can still cause your body to go into the fight or flight response? Fight of flight is our body's way of kicking into action when we need to get stuff done. We get a extra boost of adrenaline that helps to motivate us and even improves focus. Examples of positive stress might be: going on a date, attending a promising interview, or giving a presentation on something you're passionate about. Our body's are built to gear up and use stress/anxiety as motivators. The difference is the thought perception. When you feel the stress from positive life events don't deny your body the time it needs to rest and recover. Take time to appreciate the new experiences, thank yourself for being brave, and recognize the mental and emotional work you are doing. So, weather you are experiencing negative stress or positive, take the time you need to recover, reflect, and process. This might look like: getting a little more sleep (but not too much) the next day, doing some Journaling, painting, meditation, or just engaging in some low intensity grounding like a short nature walk.

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