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Why Choose Family or Couple’s Therapy Over Traditional Individual Therapy?

  1. Need or Problem

Are the problems in your life centered around social interactions? Is having a strong support system vital to having a happy life? Are you and your spouse having communication problems? Is there a history or pattern of maladaptive behaviors that runs in your family?

If you answered yes to any of these then you would directly benefit from counseling that is done with a systematic perspective rather than only focusing on you as an individual.

  1. Long Term Recovery and Support

Studies have shown that treating a issue or problem such as substance abuse or anger management as a systematic issue rather than just the individual results in greater chances for long term recovery. Sometime treating the individual just is not enough if the home dynamic remains the same toxic environment.

  1. Communication Skills

At times couples and families are not lacking in love, consideration, or empathy and at times there may not be mental health issues or substance abo=use issues causing discord but rather just an inability to communicate. Due to emotional barriers and environmental stressors we forget to communicate in a healthy way which includes more listening than talking in some cases.

  1. Unbiased Perspective

Family and marital quarrels can go on for what seems like an eternity; the same arguments keep going on and on and no one is ever able to come up with a reasonable solution or compromise… before you know it the family or couple will isolate and disconnect. Having a family therapist to serve as a unbiased perspective allows all individual’s to be heard and have their feelings validated and sometimes this is the main core issue, we just want our feelings to matter first.

  1. Family Therapists are Specialists

All therapists have some training in working with families and groups and all have their own unique strengths and clinical skills they bring to their private practice. Family therapists (LMFT) or licensed under supervision like me (LMFT-Associate) are specially trained on modality and practicality to work with multiple issues from a systemic perspective. We view issues and mental health from a broad viewpoint that evaluates familial patterns or discord in the roles or hierarchy of the family system.s

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