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Comparing your life, education, relationship, and appearance to others is emotional self harm. We are all HUMAN and no one is immune to f**** ups. Acceptance Commitment Therapy can help you navigate your reality with commitment and motivation to create long term and lasting change in your life. Jessica Hope Murph Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LGBTQ+, Poly/Kink, anti-abelism, neurodivergent friendly.

How does emotionally unavailable parent trauma show up in my relationship?

Jessica Hope Murph LMFT-S discusses co-dependency and people-pleasing behaviors. How these are learned in childhood and why emotional trauma causes us to feel like we aren't enough in relationships

Why I Use the word "neurospicy" when I'm describing myself or other individuals who struggle with not neurotypical things.

Co-dependency and regaining individualism

a brief discussion on identifying co-dependent characteristics and how to break the co-dependent cycle. 

Jessica Hope Murph Family Therapist

Jessica Hope Murph LMFT LCDC

Master of Science

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

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Queer Therapist

My first time in therapy:

My first experience with therapy and mental health professionals began when I was 12 years old. When I was taken to see a therapist for the first time I was excited to finally get the help I needed. Unfortunately; instead of being helped I was judged and denied treatment until seeking holy redemption. The therapist believed I was beyond treatment for my depression as long as I remained Queer. After this disheartening experience, I spent years trying to figure out how I could make sure that no one in my care would be subjected to this type of treatment ever again.

Why I chose family therapy instead of clinical:

By the time I began looking for a post-graduate degree I had over 13 years of experience working with children and families in childcare, preschool, toddler gymnastics, and more. I have seen the difference in the emotional wellness of a happy family system and a family system in shambles. I knew that if I wanted to be a successful therapist I wanted to find a degree program that could teach me not only to work with individuals but also how to incorporate family dynamics. Discovering the Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling (Capella University) was the serendipitous event of my life. The work I do gives me such fulfillment I would continue working even if I had an unlimited financial freedom. 

My Methods:

When working with individuals, couples, and families I employ science-based approaches but also encourage holistic self-care. I encourage my clients to advocate for their spiritual, social, medical, and artistic needs. I allow my clients the right to choose which treatment method they prefer as only my clients know what will help them the most. I am the proud owner of a private practice that began in McAllen Texas but due to COVID circumstances I now work throughout the state of Texas online. with an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy I specialize in working with couples families and groups. I am especially passionate about helping people in relationships that might be toxic or co-dependent; helping them to identify unhealthy boundaries and correct maladaptive behaviors. I take pride in being a gender-affirming therapist, advocating for the LGBTQ+ community, and human rights, I work with traditional relationships, non-traditional, and polyamorous. I want my clients to feel safe, non-judged and validated as long as they are healthy.

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